Graphic Design

A solid grasp and understanding of design and trends is a solid tool in helping to create brand identity and customer confidence for any business.


Creating a feeling for your product gives it a life. People want to feel a connection with products. Solid design and great marketing can do just that.

Email Marketing

I quick and simple way to reach your target demographic is through email marketing. With the right message, it’s no-brainer for your ROI.

A Story About Me

The short version.

I began my career as a graphic designer and realized my true passion was marketing. I think that passion came from working with amazingly talented Marketing professionals that were kind enough to show me the ropes all those years ago. With my years of experience in design and marketing, I have the talent and experience to create top-notch solutions and the ability to strategically forecast the return.

Not only do I have a strong understanding of marketing trends and an eye for aesthetics, but my work ethic and attention to detail are impeccable. I can multi-task like crazy, communicate effectively and manage projects from start to completion.


Content management and client relationships are the core to marketing. The use of this information and great communications can build a great base for marketing. 


Create maximum visibilty through your website, content and code. Good SEO creates organic traffic that is invaluable to a business.

User Interface

Good user interface is key to how customers view content. Engage the customer and gain their confidence and have a customer for life.

What Clients Say.

  • “Laurie read my mind and created our brand that perfectly symbolized our style, company and evoked the feeling we were looking for to represent our business.”

    Becca Newton
    Business Owner
  • “Laurie can take my thoughts and create exactly what I’m imagining in my head. There have been times that I only had a rough sketch of an idea and somehow she translated my thoughts to a call to action. Amazing.”

    Tom Lay
    Marketing Director